Our popular Tumbleweed Tiny House is located in the oasis of the Solar Living Center (SLC).  It is a compact 89 square foot self-contained building on wheels, which was built by the Solar Living Institute's site manager, Sarah Mayer and our interns.  The building materials used were recycled, reclaimed and/or donated to the SLI.  The interior is paneled with wood, and includes a tiny seating area, tiny shower, tiny kitchen and an upstairs loft as a bedroom.  The bed loft is accessed via a wooden ladder that must be securely placed in its notch and is not handicap accessible. The toilet for guest use is outside of the tiny house and serves as the public restroom for the SLC. Wireless internet is available.  Come check it out, and see if the dream of a tiny house is for you.  See site map

Make a reservation via Airbnb.com.

Tiny HouseIMG 0907