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Online Solar Training

play-video-buttonIn our effort to keep our online classes state-of-the-art and up-to-date, we are currently retooling our online PV Design & Installation training program.  Most of the material is current and vital, but we don’t feel right ...
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Solar Training

play-video-buttonWe offer IREC and NABCEP approved solar training courses from beginning to advanced levels. Whether you are just curious about solar, preparing for a career transition, desiring quality training for your employees, looking to start ...
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Sustainable Living

At the Solar Living Institute, we teach practices, skills, and philosophies that allow individuals and communities to live more sustainably. Producing and preparing organic food, raising animals and using their byproducts, building and maintaining a home, using natural and earthen materials for building, reusing and conserving water, cultivating herbal medicine, ...
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