Adin Bonapart  A California native, Adin enjoys being outside whenever possible – gardening, exploring, camping, etc. His love for California’s landscapes has inspired numerous bicycle tours. Last summer he and a friend traveled by bicycle from Southern California to New Orleans, Louisiana (see their blog at aidsipoo.tumblr.com). Shortly after that adventure, Adin found himself at the Grange Farm School in Willits, CA, where his passion for organic farming was sparked. Other interests of his include: natural building, renewable energy, Judaism, and reading science fiction novels. Currently, Adin is finishing his degree in Environmental Science from Pitzer College in Claremont. 








Cait Schieneman  Caitlyn, better known as Cait, Schieneman is from Pittsburgh, PA. She is very passionate about the outdoors and enjoys practicing sustainable living.  She received an undergraduate degree at Chatham University in Environmental Science and a certificate in Latin American Studies.  Her experiences abroad in Costa Rica and Brazil shaped her areas of interest and helped her to realize how fulfilling it was to build sustainably.  In her past internships and jobs, Cait focused mostly on environmental education and trail building.  Through this internship, she hopes to connect people with nature and develop the skills to transform buildings and landscapes to work with the environment, instead of against it.  In her free time, Cait likes to run, do yoga, read, or go for a hike.  She is greatly looking forward to meeting the people at The Solar Living Institute who are dedicated to protecting the environment.






el hi grEleanor Hicks-Green
Eleanor comes to SLI through Antioch College in Yellow Springs, OH as an Environmental Science student.  Her extensive science coursework has given her a diverse foundation on sustainability.  From school farms and permaculture to hikes in nature with children, she is interested in taking her interests to the next level through this internship. Upon graduation from Antioch College, she would like to set up a small sustainable community built around farming, building, cooking and cleaning while making music, dancing, laughing and telling stories. 






Enis CroppedEnis Cirak  Enis Cirak is a Chemical Engineering student from Tennessee. He is originally from Bosnia and grew up in a diverse part of Nashville. He has always loved other cultures, science, technology, and philosophy. Traveling, learning, and conversation are naturally his favorite hobbies. He is very passionate about solar energy and is extremely excited for the summer. He hopes to learn a lot about solar energy and meet a lot of amazing people.







Fernando Kojin headshot 2015Fernando Kojin  Fernando is passionate about Permaculture and Aquaponics and everything else that involves Sustainable and Simple Living like Renewable Energy, Natural Building, Gray water systems, Gardening, Homesteading and everything else that respects the Earth and minimizes his ecological footprint.

His philosophy in life is all about Rethinking, Refusing, Reducing, Reusing, Repurposing, Recycling and Repairing and living with what is necessary only and living the Permaculture principles which are caring for the People, caring for the Earth and sharing the Surplus.

He’s taken 3 Permaculture trainings and now he wants to apply all the knowledge into action and when he discovered Solar Living Institute he was pretty excited specially knowing he could take more courses during the internship and apply them in the present and in the future.

Fernando was born in the United States but grew up in Brazil, he is still not sure where he will look for a like minded community to settle down and become a true “Permaculturist”.

Part of his Mission is to walk his talk, educate more people how to live a sustainable and simple life and leave the world a better place then when he found it for other generations to enjoy.





Hillary Walton  Hillary is from Townshend, Vermont. She graduated from the University of Vermont with focuses in Chinese Studies, Sociology and Fine Metals. While studying at UVM, she studied abroad in Yunnan Province, home to 38 of the 52 cultural minorities of China. Her trip inspired her to become the Fair Trade Education Intern at The Peace & Justice Center of Burlington, VT. She has since self-funded a trip to Costa Rica for a Permaculture course at Punta Mona Center for Sustainable Living and Education. Her teacher suggested that she travel to California and join the organization Common Vision. She has since traveled Southern California with a CV team of Environmental Educators planting fruit trees and painting orchard signs with students in grades k-12. Her travels to California organically led her to the Solar Living Institute where she is excited to share ideas and help to cultivate a more balanced and harmonious future. She has been passionate about social and environmental justice for as long as she can remember. She appreciates differences in learning styles, is grateful for the outdoors, promotes creative outlets and enjoys dancing, live music and laughing with friends. ​







 Robin Ahola  Robin started out in Mendocino, traveled to Lake county, and eventually ended up in Sonoma where he spent two years at the JC studying environmental science; Mendo will always be his home. He loves being out doors, perusing being a master of all trades. Robin is mainly focusing on solar installation and the science behind it. He's also in the process of writing a book about nor cal, but wanting to travel! Robin loves getting down and dirty- motorcycles are his passion. Look for him if you want a smile on your face!








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