Hayden Hammerling

Hayden Hammerling 

Hayden, a New Jersey native, is used to the hustle and bustle of suburban life just outside of “the city.” Ever since he was a kid, He dreamed of a more just and sustainable planet, wanting to do all that his little heart could do to give back.  A sustainability enthusiast, nature lover, & backyard gardener, Hayden’s intentions haven’t change. He received his BS in Environmental Science at The University of South Florida in 2014. In his free time, he dedicated every chance he had to getting his hands dirty at Boyd Hill County Park where he helped manage a community garden & control invasive species. When he is not hiking with his beloved dog and girlfriend, Hayden blogs for The Real Co, an up and coming sustainable food company that bolsters fair pay & fair prices for Single Origin organic goods. Getting his feet wet by working on WWOOF farms, Hayden enthusiastically dives deeper into the pool of environmental sustainability with interests in solar (and other alternate) energy, permaculture & conscious living. His hopes after this internship are to de-mystify sustainability and make it an attainable lifestyle to the common Joe... (or Joanne :] ) Note:  Hayden is now working as a Solar Tech at the Real Goods Tech Desk as of Sep 2016. 



Jeremy Benjamin

Jeremy, geometry nerd and bicycle explorer at heart, comes from a mixed background of mechanical engineering and performing arts. His technically specialty is 3D CAD design, and his work experience thereof includes R&D, Quality Control and drafting in the following areas: piston and structural frameworks for scientific material-testing instruments, steel tubing components for truck engines and hardware panels to house circuit-boards. Jeremy has always had a personal interest in environmental conservation, and is excited to be making his first foray into applying his engineering background to the sustainability movement and to this summer's projects at the Solar Living Institute.

 Jeremy's alter-ego is a personal trainer who teaches boot camp calisthenic classes, cardio kickboxing, water aerobics and other exercise formats at various gyms, community centers and parks. Lastly, his extra-curricular hobbies include acting and play-writing; if you've ever been guilty of spending more time than you'll ever admit watching random silly videos on the internet, there's a fairly good chance you've seen this goofball dancing or portraying an elf or leprechaun in a commercial swept under the entertainment industry's rug... On that note, if you happen to be passing through Los Angeles prior to the April internship program, you can catch him on stage in the Archway Theatre's production of Hamlet.


Ryan Petro

Ryan is active and involved in a number of organizations that focus on renewable energy and sustainable resources. Working with Solar Living Institute is a natural extension of Ryan’s commitment to environmental integrity. Originating from Wisconsin and the Mid-West, Ryan is completing his B.S. in Science and Sustainable Energy & International Resource Management.

Ryan has worked with Mid-West Renewable Energy Association, National Society for Leadership and Success, local food fairs and Steven’s Point Climate lobby. He interned for Miniconsult in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Ryan would like to start his own solar company to bring solar power to developing countries.



nicoleNicole Moss

Nicole came to the Solar Living Center from Colombia via Arizona, where she was living, working and learning at Arcosanti.  

 Nicole has spent most of life grappling with the question of how to use available resources to provide the greatest possible relief to the greatest number of the poorest people. She concentrated her studies at Smith College and the College of the Atlantic on methods of poverty reduction, such as micro-finance. Recognizing the inter-relatedness and interdependence of all things, as well as the fact that the dire consequences of the opportunistic modernization of the developed world fall heaviest on the world’s poorest people, she feels the answers lie in the development and worldwide dissemination of off-the-grid technologies and responsible agricultural techniques.

Nicole loves working with her hands, whether it be in the garden, wood-working, or creating functional art. She also loves to sing, dance, and play the djembe, as well as run, do yoga, and cook fresh and fair foods whenever possible.  After the SLI Nicole will head to rural Haiti where she plans to put all of her studying and hard work to good use. Working together with the people there, whom she considered friends, she wants to make a difference. We believe she will.



Carina Flores

Carina is a recent graduate from the Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science. She has an inexhaustible passion for the development of renewable energy. Her enthusiasm for renewable energy prompted her to seek out ways to become involved in its promotion and development throughout high school and college years. One of her most enlightening experiences was interning at a solar panel installation company. She gained insight into the many different aspects of the maintenance and implementation of energy resources, specifically solar energy. During this internship, she worked alongside the sales team providing interested customers with a visual of the potential outlook of their homes or businesses with solar panels using SketchUp. She created a report presenting the type and number of solar panels to be installed, and the amount of solar energy each panel could potentially generate.

Additionally, she has researched, written and presented many papers on the advantages of transitioning away from the overextended use of fossil fuels towards renewable energies, what different types of renewable energies are being utilized around the world, and the potential economic impact of using renewable energy.

She has also been involved with solar rallies at the Florida State Capitol Building requesting greater investment into the research and use of renewable energy, and educating the public on its importance and benefits.

Carina is a dedicated sustainability advocate who is acquiring new knowledge and skills to aid her in this work and career path.

Andrew StenkenAndrew Stenken

Andrew graduated with an Industrial Technology Associates degree and a Technology Management Bachelors degree with a minor in Leadership from California University of Pennsylvania.  He worked for a construction company during school breaks and summers for about 8 years so is a very adept hands-on oriented person. A great team player who works hard work with a strong drive to see projects through all the way to the end, Andrew is a genuinely nice and caring person who loves nature and photography. His interest lies in the sustainable residential housing and development market. Since he has a strong background in construction, he'd like to combine those skills  with advancing his knowledge of sustainable practices to make homes more eco-friendly and efficient. He was recently employed at a solar company that installs photovoltaic panels, solar water collectors, and also solar thermal pool heating systems.


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