Emily was the Communications Intern in 2010 and did a stellar job of assisting the department in the areas of community outreach, event management, email marketing, building relationships with groups such as Grid Alternatives, and much more. Prior to her internship, she served as a Policy Advisor at the Ontario Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, where she coordinated and implemented the province's new Green Energy and Green Economy Act. While at SLI, she trained and qualified for an entry-level credential in Solar Photovoltaic Design and Installation from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners.

Upon completing her program she set out to help others, as a volunteer in Nicaragua. This involved visiting two sustainable eco-villages that are incorporating a variety of permaculture techniques. She assisted the Solar Women of Totogalpa, a women's cooperative that is establishing a Solar Center in their rural community. Their program is run through a solar organization called Grupo Fenix that originally started out of a push to re-train landmine victims after the war here to become installers. These women build their own solar PV panels and solar cookers out of recycled materials! In addition, she met with blueEnergy and Green Empowerment that offer solar training programs in Nicaragua, for people interested in getting off-grid rural electrification experience in a developing country.

She is currently in Ecuador developing a series of PV projects with an indigenous community in the Amazon. Read her notes from the field.



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