SLI_Intern_PhotoScott came to SLI in Winter 2002 to learn more about renewable energy after selling electric vehicles in Seattle.  Born in Conn. and then raised in TX Scott realized early on that the environment is nothing to take for granted. He had been working in Seattle doing a variety of eco projects. He was the first in Seattle to request a grid-tie agreement from the city of Seattle. To his amazement they had to create one for him which lead him to the pursuit of renewable Solar energy within urban settings.

Scott interned at the SLI in the winter months of 2002 and gave more tours of the campus than any other intern. Scott has since arrived back in Seattle to become a board member of Solar Washington ( ASES ) and has since assisted with the WA state renewable energy incentives SB5101 and SB5111 which are a few of the most progressive solar incentives in the country. Scott is now working as a sustainability consultant and solar energy installer for a local solar company in Seattle. He has more than 50 kWh under his belt and is working hard to achieve the 100kWh mark soon. Scott has dream to create eco-based movies that could inspire the planet to live more logically. 

Scott recently installed a 10 kWh system on a winery in Washington, inspired by what he saw while attending SLI.  Scott has just been elected to the board of Solar Washington for his third term and is also the Chairman of the board for Education. 

His Sustainable consulting website is www.GaianLogic.Com,... Check out his accomplishments!

Check out his blog: GaianLogicConsulting.blogspot.com




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